Letter from the President 2021

Fellow Men’s Club Members,

Just wanted to keep you all updated on what’s currently going on at the golf course.  Both General Manager, Ryan Brown and Head Professional, Christian St. Pierre attended a recent Board Meeting to inform us of upcoming changes.  Some of those changes are:


  • Tony Chavez has been brought on as the Director of Golf, so he will be the new face you see in the Pro Shop.  Please make a point to say hello and welcome him to San Juan Hills.


  • While the new driving range is waiting to be finalized, it will be used as a youth soccer practice field but just on weekdays.  So during those days, around 2:30pm, Hole #10 will be played as a Par 3 for safety reasons.


  • Green fees will go up in March, the reasons given were course improvements made over the last few years along with a new fleet of golf carts scheduled to arrive sometime in March.  Additionally, demand to play is great and the course is running at max capacity, plus there has not been a substantial rate increase implemented in a while (we checked and the last substantial increase was over 4 years ago).  Despite the increase the course is still competitively priced for the area and more course improvements are coming.


  • To get the best golf rates possible, (Men’s Club Member or not), is by purchasing the In-Club card offered through the golf course.  Currently they are charging $99 for a yearly card but have extended Men’s Club members with a cost of $69 through March 31, 2021.  This card saves $10 on every round of golf, gives you a 14 day booking window and provides discounted range ball prices.  Attached is an email Ryan sent to the Board explaining rate changes/In-Club info.

As for the Men’s Club, our membership is at an all-time high which has been reflected in our recent Club tournaments.  You have probably noticed that participation is higher than ever which is awesome…higher payouts and more comradery but also later tee times and longer rounds.  

When the course gets closer to lifting Covid restrictions, we are in a position to run shotgun or split tee events.  This would be great for everyone to get through their round in a timely manner.  

We thank you for your participation and being a valuable member of the greatest Men’s Club in SOCAL!  We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Wednesday or Saturday tournament.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Walter Knack

SJHMGC President