Letter from the President 2022

Golf Club Members

We are heading into Fall again with shorter and hopefully cooler days ahead. Your board members are continuously working, mostly behind the scenes but also on Tournament days, which start early and continue till the last players are done. If you’ve played in any of the tournaments it’s a great experience, simple in appearance but a lot of details behind the scenes needed to pull it all together. From announcing the next tournament, create the postings with the signup and outline of the rules, managing last minute Tee sheet changes. Scorecards need to be printed specific to each event as well as updating Golf Genius to manage scoring. The day of Tourney starts early with Sign-in, then when Tourney ends posting and verification begins in order to determine flight payouts to club and skins to individuals.

We meet monthly to go over finances, review past tournament results and plan for upcoming events. We work with Golf Course Management ( Pro Shop and Food + Beverage) in order to coordinate our event schedule, which includes our major tournaments, in order to work around green punching, private tournaments and banquets which can conflict with our standard scheduling. We do all this for the game we enjoy so much.

This is the time of year that our Men’s Club by-laws state that we have to notify all members of next year’s Board of Directors which has to be posted by 10/10/22. There is no term limit to stay on the Board, some existing Board members want to continue on for another year, and a few feel it’s time to step down and become a player again. The Board is a mix of new and old in tenure with some positions vacant and need filling.

I’m reaching out to all Men’s Club members to consider becoming a SJHMGC Board member. The main vacancy currently is Saturday Tournament Director along with other positions possible. Some long standing Board members would stay but if good option available would like to stand down.

You can contact any Board member via email, most Saturday mornings many are playing early am, we’re easy to find or contact to answer any questions you might have.

Members! It’s time to consider joining the SJHMGC Board and be a working part of your men’s club. New Board members bring fresh ideas which is so omportant to make course corrections for the future of our club.

Thank You


Walter Knack

SJHMGC President