This is the Monster tournament where the tee boxes are tipped out and the pins can be tricked out!  The format is a partner best ball.  This is a flighted tournament and also the qualifier for Four Ball Match Play.  The top 32 teams that qualify will gain entry into the Match Play playoff bracket.  The bracket matches will have round completion dates that must be met or your team will be forced to forfeit the match that you are scheduled to play.  At tournament check-in, please review the the bracket and dates that matches must be completed by.  There is an additional entry fee for those that want to try and qualify for the Match Play playoff.  Winning team of the Match Play playoffs will represent the San Juan Hills Men’s Golf Club at the SCGA Four-Ball Net Championship in September.

To get signed up, contact Erik Hansen at


Currently this is going to be an individual, low net event played from the white tees.  To sign-up, contact Craig Fulmer, Wednesday Tournament Director at

Please look it over and if you see your name on it and your not going to play, please contact Craig at so he can make the necessary tee sheet adjustments.  This is very important as we need to to put an end to the tournament day “no shows!”  If you need to cancel, please extend the courtesy to the Tournament Director and the Pro Shop and cancel in a timely manner.  If you NEED to do so, please contact the Wednesday Tournament Director, Craig Fulmer at or call the Pro Shop at 949-493-1167 x1.  Failure to do so may result in your future tournament eligibility being suspended!

When you have signed up for a Wednesday or Saturday Men’s Club golf tournament, here is a guideline for streamlining the process:

On arrival:

  • Please go to the tournament check-in table which is usually located inside the restaurant.  There you will pay for your entry fee and have the option of buying into the gross skins, net skins and Hole in One pots.  These are individual pots and they are optional.  At check in and if needed, they will have the tournament format sheet or notify you of any course conditions that you need to be aware of.  Please treat Reni, Sandi and Marci like queens, as they are an enormous help in making our tournaments so successful!
  • Next, head to the Pro Shop and pay for you green fees.  Also, check to make sure they are on time.
  • Plan to give yourself at least 30 minutes to take care of tournament check-in and green fees.
  • Driving range, you can pull in the range parking lot and hit balls before checking-in or grab a cart after your tournament check-in/green fees are paid and head over and hit  balls.  Either way, plan accordingly.

On the course:

  • It is extremely important that you keep pace with the group in FRONT of you and not behind you!!!  The course management is adament that 18 holes of play is accomplished in 4 1/2 hours or less.  So please play ready golf including moving on to the next tee box before entering scores on the scorecard.
  • Fill your divots and repair your ball marks on the greens.  It is our responsibility to help keep the course in good condition, so when you are filling in your divot or repairing your ball mark, don’t be shy about filling or repairing another one you see.

After the round:

  • Each foursome will have an offical scorecard.  In addition, another scorecard should also be keep, that way scores can be double checked within the group.  On the 10th tee box confirm the front nine scores match on both scorecard, this will speed up the process of totaling the final scores after play has been completed.  Also, if there is a game going on within the group, please do not use the offical scorecard for this.  Lastly, before dropping the offical scorecard off at the scoring table or scorecard box, make sure the scorecard is signed and attested.  Once this is done all scores on the offical card can not be changed.


  • Once you have signed up for a tournament, it is your responsibility to show up.  We understand that emergencies or plans change, and if that happens up to the day before the tournament, you need to contact the Tournament Director for the tournament that you signed up for.  This gives them the opportunity to modify the tee sheet and let the Pro Shop know of the changes.  If you need to cancel the morning of the tournament, you will need to contact the Pro Shop directly and let them know.  Failure to do so can result in suspension from future tournament play or being responsible for your green fees.
  • Wednesday Tournament Director, Terry Fiero   949-939-8608
  • Saturday Tournament Director,  Erik Hansen
  • San Juan Hills Pro Shop   949-493-1167 x1