Team Play is a yearly competition organized by the SCGA. It consists of approximately 128 Men’s Clubs that are divided into 32 groups.  The groups consist of 4 Men’s Clubs from different golf courses that compete in matches against one another in a Match Play style format. The matches cover a 6 week period and the Team with the best record in their group moves on to the playoffs. Team try-outs are usually held in November and if you are interested in playing, please contact a Board member and we can forward your information to the Team Play captain.

Our 2021 Team Play schedule will be against teams from Bella Colina, San Clemente and Costa Mesa. The team will be captained by Scott Henrikson and Mike Neace.  We wish them and the team all the best. Play well!!

3/6/2021 San Juan Hills vs San Clemente L 35-13
3/13/2021 San Juan Hills vs Bella Colina L 34-14
3/20/2021 Bella Colina vs San Juan Hills W 32-16
3/27/2021 San Clemente vs San Juan Hills W 26-22
4/3/2021 San Juan Hills vs Costa Mesa L 29-19
4/10/2021 Costa Mesa vs San Juan Hills L 36-12


Team Play