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Equitable Stroke Control Table

Adjusting Hole Scores for Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)

ESC is an adjustment of individual hole scores (for handicap purposes) in order to make handicaps more representative of a player's potential ability.  ESC is applied after the round and is only used when the actual score or the most likely score exceeds a player's maximum number.  ESC sets a limit to the number of strokes a player can take on a hole depending on the Course Handicap.  Apply ESC to all posting scores, including tournament scores. Below is the maximum number a player can take on each hole played:



If you have any questions about how to properly post your score, please contact our Handicap Chairman, Todd Knight and he can assist you.

Post Score

Welcome to the posting site.  Before posting make sure your score has been properly adjusted per the Equitable Stroke Control Table.  As you post, you will be ask the date of the round, adjusted score to be posted and tee box you played from.  In addition, it will ask the "Type" of round you are posting.  When you play in a SJH home tournament, you will post it as a Tournament round and not as a Home round.  To post, please click the link below: